The Community That Saved Its Bookstore

Screen Shot 2016-04-27 at 6.24.20 PMDucky Waddle’s Emporium on Highway 101 in Leucadia has been a vibrant part of North County’s cultural identity for a long time. The site is so well loved, that customers began their own crowdfunding campaign to save the bookstore and arts venue. I covered the story for a community news website during the final days of the IndieGoGo campaign. The article was the most popular on the site the week it was published. It also won third place in the San Diego Press Club’s financial news category, and the community did end up keeping Ducky Waddle’s afloat.

Saving the store: Crowdfunding campaign, cash mob aim to keep Ducky Waddle’s afloat,” North Coast Current, Jun. 6, 2015.