Investigation of Bottled Water’s Source Exposes Health Code Violation

Screen-Shot-2016-04-18-at-1.23.23-AM-2evi3ljCalifornia drought concerns were high during the summer of 2015. Publications like Mother Jones and the Sacramento Bee drew attention to bottled water companies who were still sourcing water in California. So when I noticed my school had it’s own brand of bottled water, I wondered where it was coming from and called the number on the back of the bottle. Instead of connecting me to the manufacturer’s hotline, a recording came on that claimed I won a cruise and all I needed to do to receive my prize was to enter my credit card information. I never did get that cruise, but I did find out that California law requires bottled water manufacturers to print their number on the back of the bottle so that consumers can find out about the source. I covered this story for a summer class at San Diego State, and a shortened version of it was later printed in the campus newspaper. The water bottles have since been repackaged with a completely new design that includes a correct telephone number.

Campus water bottles violate California Law,” The Daily Aztec, Aug. 5, 2015.